Way Of Life
Марина Татарская

A human being I am. Walk ahead. To where? Why? If only could I know…
At night my head is in the clouds, at day time in mind I sketch my status quo;
In feverish hurry running in the morn I sweep it with my bangs of chestnut color -
Just yesterday I, nothing but a girl, here used like a bee to hum and hover.
Time goes on… I wonder what has changed: broad smiles, particular concerns, great dreams?
The happiness would come and go; a stable life on earth can’t found be it seems.
Now, my mother says: you are a madcap, daring, irrepressible crony.
I have not changed yet - from very birth my heart and soul are pretty stormy.

The heart is turned on – I sketch the trams and bells, the secrets and the bitter sorrow,
The cries of doubt and my spring I draw, Thanksgivings and my day tomorrow…
I wrap around joy a scarlet scarf for if the joy would go I'll be bored.
Grief’s petals I am plucking one by one, my birthday never is too much adorned.
My beret being bright to eyes of passer-by’s is like a red rag for a bull -
Their life is hard and that is why their faces do not seem delighted as a rule.
Let you take nonsense out of your heads and let you jolly shine with sunny visions -
In every tunnel there is a light ahead and problems can obtain decisions!

Oh, Time! You cannot be restrained. Days fly. Years bloom and wither - and appear dated…
Thoughts multiply and run to volumes, more keen senses there are accumulated.
Implanted in the brain they tirelessly prey upon the mind with revelations,
They cry, they ebb and flour like a wave, make prophesy of future situations,
They to each other cling: a car – a train – a rolling-stock of rushed endless streams…
A nerve of soul bleeds, a joint of trouble in the heart does ache indeed, -
A trolley of the beating heart on getting speed runs rapidly with crazy schemes.
O, how you are making haste in life, a restless kid!

(Переводчик В.В. Чистяков)

© Copyright: Марина Татарская, 2018
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© Copyright: Марина Татарская
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