Light of Happiness
Марина Татарская

Hitch your wagon to stars then you will be all right,
Let you simply enjoy Light!
Let us show Compassion, let us do a noble deed,
Let us just give and hold hand,
Let us pray to the Lord for them who’re in need
The strokes of fate to stand.

If I was an angel or, let’s say, a queen – I try to explain my feel! -
I’d call for Goodwill, and would shine Holy Light to bring out Peace to people,
Take downwards Bliss of the Heavens above, present Holy Light of Love,
And I would appeal to all earthly people to join us for Peace to strive.
I would weave bright flowers on Blanket of Love and offer it them on the Globe -
For suffering souls it would be all right to breathe - into it enveloped;
To cover them with this mantle unseen is truly an act of good will:
Against all misfortunes it would shelter them and hopes of Life instill.

If I was the sun of all- covering light I would, I swear my oath,
Warm up every household, a family circle and, God bless, – the whole our Earth!
If I was a rain I would color my bow with bliss of a happiness stream -
And then there would be infallible screen for all the bad weather, I deem.
This way - drop by drop, the heart to the heart... I earnestly pray: God,
Let you underwrite a permanent Peace - a gift to the tired world;
The Planet is jaded in horror of wars - the warfare can spell its doom
For beautiful gardens of Hope will not on awful scaffolding bloom.

At nights my heart-voice to the Lord I send – I see how cruel life is:
The souls cry in their cold beds indeed and them nobody can please,
A mother her heart and her hair would tear when her son is not back from war,
She’d shed bitter tears, light candles at church and pray her son’s soul for.
If I was a sky and close to Him, I’d tell to The Holy One:
“Almighty you are, you know quite well how Souls from Earth are gone,
Let you help us with returning of Light, and coach us the luck to drive,
Teach us how to heal our souls by Love, how we have to sail in Life.

Hitch your wagon to stars then you will be all right,
Let you simply enjoy Light!

(Переводчик В.В. Чистяков)
© Copyright: Марина Татарская, 2018
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© Copyright: Марина Татарская
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